substance abuse

Every year, fresh-faced college kids learn the hard way what binge drinking can do to their ability to function as a human being.

It is sort of phenom that a professional athlete can still be productive even when struggling with drugs and alcohol. It just goes to show how much better they could be with the afflictions of addiction.

The Cook County court system has had enough of Shermain Miles. The 51-year-old is nearing 400  (396 to be exact) arrests since 1978, and a judge believes mental health and substance abuse issues need to be addressed.

Christmas is deemed as a time for cheer and generosity and clearly rapper Kanye West feels the sentiment. Alongside Amber Rose, the two decided to give back for the holidays and volunteers for the Los Angles Mission to help the homeless on Saturday. Fully appreciative of what he has come to garner with his success, […]