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Information regarding the downhill spiraling divorce of Tiger and his wife Elin has been spewing all over the internet regarding the final terms and agreements.

For an exchange of silence, Elin will walk away with $750 million dollars proving that he is well worth over the billion dollars that most predicted.  With all the money and sole custody of the kids, the only thing Elin needs to do is keep her mouth shut and follow the terms of the agreements.  A good friend of Elin’s said,

“The price of the huge sum of her silence includes no interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances about this for the rest of her life — even if Tiger dies first — or she’ll lose the lot.”

Also with the agreement, Tiger is not allowed to bring females he is dating around the children until he is married to the woman.

The only women allowed around the children are ones who are married to other men and not romantically involved with Tiger or members of his staff.

Didn’t Kanye tell you, “It’s something that you need to have, cuz when she leaves you’re a** she gonna leave with half.” Prenup!