Married life for professional athletes is already tough, considering the union is on public display for all. Through the good and bad, pro ballers and their wives face constant evaluation of their nuptials. Unfortunately, some marriages aren’t meant to last and in rare cases, the men are better off without their wives, for safety concerns.

Tiger Woods’ Wife May ONLY Get $100 Million! It’s hard to use the word only when you are talking about $100 million but it is a lot less than the figure of $750 million that was reported earlier this week. TMZ has reported that Elin Nordegren will walk away from her marriage with approximately $100 […]

Information regarding the downhill spiraling divorce of Tiger and his wife Elin has been spewing all over the internet regarding the final terms and agreements. For an exchange of silence, Elin will walk away with $750 million dollars proving that he is well worth over the billion dollars that most predicted.  With all the money […]

Today while hanging out with Rev. Al Sharpton in the studio, I found my mind reflecting deeply on the recent drama between Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren. In spite of the fact that I was sitting next to the man who epitomizes race relations in America, no one brought up the fact that […]