A policeman in the city of Fredericksburg in Virginia has resigned after body camera video released by the city’s police department shows him using excessive force on a non-resisting Black man. Shaun Jurgens, who claims he’s done nothing wrong, used a Taser stun gun and pepper spray on David Washington while he was having a stroke.

According to local Washington radio station outlet WTOP, the incident that occurred on May 4 was in response to calls coming in of a car driving in a reckless manner. Washington, 34, was having a medical emergency while traveling in the region and hit several vehicles before his car was stopped in an intersection. With guns drawn, Jurgens and two other officers approached Washington’s car and found his slow response to be a cause of concern.

More from WTOP:

A Hyundai driven by 34-year-old David Washington hit a Jeep, crossed the median and hit a street sign. The Hyundai eventually stopped in the middle of an intersection.

In the newly released videos, Hill and Deschenes are the first two officers to arrive to the stopped Hyundai. They have their guns drawn and are heard screaming at the driver to put his hands up, sometimes using profanities.

As the two officers yell at Washington, his right arm appears to raise to the steering wheel, but his left arm appears motionless.

Hill yells to Deschenes that she cannot see the driver’s left hand.

When Jurgens arrives, he initially approaches with his gun drawn, then circles behind a police cruiser where he draws his Taser.

When the Taser fails to connect, Jurgens then pepper-sprayed Washington and he and another officer pull the man out the car then handcuff him. Washington tells the officers he can’t breath and alerts them that he’s been feeling sick. A local news outlet reported that sources close to the case said Washington was having a stroke.

Washington had hit and run and reckless driving charges filed against him, but he has not been arrested. Fredricksburg Police said Jurgens violated police training and charges may be pending against Cpl. Matt Deschenes and Sgt. Crystal Hill who were both on the scene.

Watch the video of the body-cam recording of Fredericksburg police officer Shaun Jurgens and his excessive use of force against David Washington in the clip below.

Photo: WTOP/YouTube

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