A Houston man who was angered over his 3-year-old son’s progress in potty training allegedly beat his son to death for not learning swiftly enough. Anthony Trakemon Powell, 24, could possibly face the death penalty for the brutal murder of Tristan Powell.

Several local outlets, including KPRC-TV and KHOU, have covered the case, which began back in May on Mother’s Day. According to police records, Powell went to get his 3-year-old and his 2-year-old brother from their mother in Jasper, Texas then took them back to Houston. In court statements, the mother allowed the boys to go with their father in order for him to connect with his children.

While in Houston, Powell repeatedly beat the boys for wetting themselves as they were still going through the potty training process. According to the boy’s aunt, who is also charged in the case, Powell hit his eldest son so hard last week that he fell and hit his head. The boy complained of not being able to breath and later died from brain swelling related to hitting his head.

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Powell allegedly told his sister, “I’m tired of beating their (expletive) and them not learning,” according to court documents.

The aunt said Powell struck the boy with his hand and a belt each time he had an accident. She said she saw her brother hit the boy on the head on May 26 or 27. She said Powell struck the boy so hard, he fell on his bottom. She said Powell then picked up the boy “like a rag doll” and struck him again on the head. She said her nephew hit the tile floor in the bathroom, making a loud sound.

Land said the boy began exhibiting unusual behavior and said repeatedly that he was sleepy. Land said her nephew usually wanted to be held, but this time, he only wanted to lie on the floor. The aunt said she did not want the boy to go to sleep because she was afraid that he would never wake up again.

The boy died last Friday (May 29) and both Powell and the aunt, Porsha Nicole Land, 23, were charged. Powell is facing capital murder charges while Land is charged with injury to a child by omission.

Adding to the heinous nature of the crimes, court documents revealed that Powell scalded his younger son with hot water after he wet himself and beat him as well. Powell is currently being held without bond as he awaits a trial.

Photo: KHOU-TV

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