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Hip-Hop Electronica duo Chiddy Bang is trying to be the next big thing on the music scene. The Duo proves to be unlike anything we have ever heard.

Mixing the Hip-Hop background of Chiddy, the rapper/vocalist and the eclectic beats of Noah AKA Xaphoon, Chiddy Bang has seen their world go from performing in dorm rooms just over a year ago to rocking the stage at the world famous Glastonbury concert last month.

Chiddy Bang – “Opposite Of Adults”

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On the duo’s formation Chiddy says, “We met at Drexel university, we were freshman in 2008 and I was just trying to get into the studio and I had a next door neighbor who was in the music industry program and Xaphoon was in the music industry program as well and my next door neighbor pretty much introduced us so we could work on some stuff.

So we just linked, started remixing all types of crazy stuff. First song we ever did was a Weezer sample and then we graduated and did a song with Ice Cream Man cover and then we started doing some Radio Head Shyte. Then we did a Yale sample and then we did Opposite of Adults.”

The trendsetting duo also broke down their unique sound and not following the norm.

When describing Chiddy Bang’s sound, Chiddy says, “[Our] sound is PEACH—Pop, Electronica, Afro-beat, Club, and Hip-Hop. It’s just a refreshing sound because you know, for Noah growing up in the Philidelphia area it’s a crazy music scene, all sorts of Jazz influences, indie music, Hip-Hop, old school Hip-Hop and rock. You know, he just really came up with a diverse musical palate.

And, you know, me coming into this situation from New Jersey [Nigerian Born]  I was just coming from a straight up Hip-Hop vein. And I think that’s what makes ChiddyBang so beautiful is that I’m bringing my straight hip hop perspective to Noah who has an eclectic taste of music.”

Chiddy Bang is receiving attention all over the world from their fans but one of their greatest achievements so far in their short journey is being recognized by Kanye West on his blog as an up and coming duo to look out for.

Chiddy says, “Man you know Kanye is a huge, huge influence for us you know what I’m sayin. It was amazing, I didn’t even really believe it happened. I had to verify. We were at a fashin show, I think it was like a fashion shoot for one of our homies and we just got calls like ‘yo, you’re on Kanye’s Blog’. Se we was like ‘nah, no way’. We had to like call up our friends and then we looked at it ourselves, like literally had to look it up to see what’s up and we were really on there.

And it’s amazing that a dope artist that has been iconic as Kanye could take the time to, you know, cosign our music. Whether or not he physically put it up himself or whether somebody associated with him actually put it up on the blog. I would imagine nothing gets past him and it’s an amazing good look for him to do that for us, so we’re really thankful.

Chiddy Bang’s debut album is scheduled to be released in August on EMI.

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