Rachel Dolezal was never destined a proper fifteen minutes a fame; a blatant lie can only make your Twitter infamous.

Since the former NAACP president of the Spokane, Washington chapter and full-time fraud continues to denounce any DNA linkage to her biological parents (who have submitted her birth certificate to the Associated Press on numerous occasions), Maury Povich may be swooping in the end the speculation, once and for all.

Via TMZ:

Rachel Dolezal now has someone who can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the people claiming to be her parents are not … and Maury is the man!

“Maury” executive producer Paul Faulhaber tells TMZ, his team is now actively trying to book Rachel and her alleged parents.

Faulhaber says he wants to give all 3 a DNA test and reveal the results on the show.

Rachel told NBC she had doubts Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal are her mom and pop, saying, “I haven’t had a DNA test. There’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents.”

“Maury” is on hiatus, but Faulhaber says if he can book the trio he’ll get a crew together — and, of course, Maury himself — and they’ll shoot the show.

Faulhaber says if they do the show it will rank among Maury’s top 5. He says it ranks right up there with the woman who had twins and the DNA test showed the guy on the show only fathered one!

And now, for a Maury “You Are NOT The Father” dance compilation.

Photo: MoPo Productions, YouTube

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