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Apparently Dru Hill and Sisqo had high hopes for comeback albums that unfortunately didn’t perform up to their expectations. So of course, they’re blaming the record label for their struggle instead of maybe fan indifference or mediocre music—just saying. 

Reports TMZ:

According to the lawsuit, Dru Hill and its thong loving frontman signed separate deals with Kedar Entertainment Group back in 2009 — Dru Hill would release 2 albums, and Sisqo would also drop 2 solo albums.

Sure enough … Dru Hill’s “InDRUpendence Day” came out in 2010 — and Sisqo’s “Last Dragon” came out earlier this year. Neither burned up the charts, and the artists say that’s because KEG got chintzy. 

They say the label promised to spend $300k on marketing, but failed to buck up. In the suit, Dru Hill also says they got shorted on royalties — never seeing a dime.

Sisqo and his DH mates are both suing to get out of their contracts and for a million dollars each.

The Kedar Entertainment Group was founded by Kedar Massenburg, a veteran record industry exec credited with discovering Erykah Badu (he also used to manage D’Angelo and Joe) and helping to usher in the Neo-Soul movement of the 90s.

That, along with fans checking for Sisqo and Dru Hill, was a long time ago, though.

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