Nothing like a good internet challenge to give us a break from the worries of the world. While we were enjoying our Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwiches, Black women showed off just how versatile they are when it comes to their hairstyles with the #DMXChallenge.

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Apparently Dru Hill and Sisqo had high hopes for comeback albums that unfortunately didn’t perform up to their expectations. So of course, they’re blaming the record label for their struggle instead of maybe fan indifference or mediocre music—just saying. 

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SisQo is back. The Dru Hill singer drops a video for “LIPS” off of his forthcoming Last Dragon album. 

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For the most part R&B singers stay in a lane that is different from their Rap counterparts when it comes to style (as for the law, not so much). Nevertheless some of your favorite crooners are looking crazy out in these streets and award shows.

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Damn Sisqó. The Dru Hill crooner and “Thong Song” creator was performing last night, which is a good thing. However, the venue where the pint sized singer was handling his business is what is drawing slander.