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For the most part R&B singers stay in a lane that is different from their Rap counterparts when it comes to style (as for the law, not so much). Nevertheless some of your favorite crooners are looking crazy out in these streets and award shows.

Maybe they think their silky voices will direct our attention away from an obvious fashion fail? Whatever their botched reasoning maybe, your outfit is not an automatic go just because you can hit those high notes.

Admittedly some artists plan on being a coordinated mess to purposely draw publicity, but you have some performers that really think they are styling on us. But alas, the joke is on them.

So we present the 12 worst dressed R&B singers. While we are only featuring one photo for each of the guilty parties featured on this list, please believe that they are all habitual fashion offenders.

Let us know if we missed anyone in the comments section below.

Photo: Grammys

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