These unsung legends made significant contributions to the genre, yet remain underrated.


Missy Elliott wants you to know it's okay to not be okay.


Spending more than two decades in the rap game, Weezy has seen the game go from artists begging record executives to release their material to artists simply putting a song online and watching it go viral overnight without the help of anyone in an office.

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Tyler, the Creator showed some love on social media during a thread where Missy Elliot talked about her legendary career and discography.


Double Dutch jump rope is more than just a neighborhood game. A new profile notes that it was integral to the birth and growth of Hip-Hop culture.


Missy Elliott has achieved much in her 30-year career (and still going), including becoming the first female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Now the Virginia native can add another historic first in her record books as she’s set to receive the MTV Video Vanguard Award at this year’s VMAs.


It seems Busta Rhymes is prepping a monster comeback for 2018. He links up with Missy and Kelly Rowland on his newest single.

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Whether or not today’s generation is familiar with anything that Missy Elliott has accomplished in the Hip-Hop culture we sure are. The “Work It” artist is set to be honored by Essence magazine at its annual Black Women in Music event for her musical achievements.

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Famed fashion stylist and designer June Ambrose is accusing adidas of biting her style and not giving credit.

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Missy Elliott looks poised to make a major comeback in 2017.

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Sprite was one of the first brands to fully embrace Hip-Hop and they are keeping tradition alive with the latest series of their “Obey Your Verse” collection.

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Once a year Star Wars fans get to geek out and rework one of the movie’s most notable quotables, “May The Force Be With You.”