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Famed fashion stylist and designer June Ambrose is accusing adidas of biting her style and not giving credit.

Everybody remembers Missy Elliot’s classic video for “The Rain” right?

The video is some of the finest work of all of those involved including director Hype Williams and the woman who dressed Missy for the video, June Ambrose. The video included iconic scenes of Missy dancing in what has often been described as an oversized Hefty garbage bag.

20 years later the video continues to inspire as adidas has produced a new ad featuring Dej Loaf.

The ad comes with the tagline “High Fashion Couture Meets The ’90s.” Anyone that has seen Missy’s video would be automatically reminded of it upon seeing the ad. People at adidas may have even figured that people would “get” that they were borrowing from the video. But neither Missy or Ambrose are feeling how they put the ad out without mentioning where they got the inspiration from.

Ambrose expounded on her frustration with Page Six saying:

“[Missy] asked me if I saw it and we were both just like, ‘Wow.’ The caption said 90s couture, but no reference to where it originated. To take creative license and not acknowledge where it came from – it’s a bit disingenuous. We did a lot of things with them and Missy’s brand. I didn’t expect that from Adidas. I was insulted. It’s like the big corporation taking advantage… As an artist, collectively as a group… it’s like we’re hidden figures now.”

“Hidden figures” though? Damn. adidas has a pretty solid reputation for respecting creatives, hopefully they can clear this up.