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Rick Ross is in a gang of trouble, at least according to the police report. The man (a groundskeeper) that Rozay allegedly pistol whipped a couple of weeks back is on a liquid diet due to injuries to his face and jaw.

Reports TMZ:

Ross got into an argument with his groundskeeper at the massive Georgia home he bought from Evander Holyfield, this according to legal docs. According to law enforcement, Ross forced the groundskeeper into the guesthouse bedroom at gunpoint and started grilling him.

Cops say when Ross didn’t get the answers he wanted, he pistol-whipped the guy twice, messing up his jaw and neck and chipping 2 teeth. The groundskeeper was hurt badly enough that he couldn’t use his jaw and is now on a liquid diet. 

And now there is more bad news for the Bawse as he has reportedly been denied bail. He will have to cool his heels in the bing until his next hearing, on July 1.

Photo: Fayette Police