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“I call him the male version of Lauryn Hill.  He can go this way or that way.”

Already receiving the stamp of approval from the likes of Nas and Jay-Z, Raekwon is giving praises to Drake, calling him the male Lauryn Hill.

An interview with VIBE revealed that the Chef has paid close attention to the young phenomenon and openly admitted that he’s come to learn a few things from the Toronto rapper.

“I heard him mentioning the Wu in one of his new songs.  So I know he understands the music…”

Along with a slew of other artists, Rae also spoke on Andre 3000 and what greats he embodies.

“Three Stacks is a combination of many different things.  He reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix, a RZA with super lyrical skills. You really can’t define this dude.  At the end of the day he’s just a bad motherFawker. He’s a walking gem.”

Do you agree with Raekwon?  Are there any parallels between Ms. Hill and Drake?