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The Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriages naturally didn’t come without opposition. Perhaps the biggest challenger publicized was out-of-touch Justice Clarence Thomas, who, as a Black man, had the gall to make a slavery analogy after he disagreed with the ruling.

Larry Wilmore took great pleasure in dragging the likes of Thomas as well as Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and Texas Senator Ted Cruz for their outlandish remarks on Monday’s The Nightly Show.

“Do you even know what slavery is?” Wilmore said, challenging Thomas. “Slavery is the complete stripping of humanity and dignity. That’s the point of slavery. When do you think slaves were whipped? Whenever they tried to dare to show any humanity or dignity.”

Jindal also got a “Powerhaterade” postgame shower after he argued “no earthly court can change the definition of marriage,” before announcing that the Pelican State would comply with the courts.

“No earthly court? Is there some kind of intergalactic court I’m not (aware of)?” Wilmore quipped. “You do not want to take things to space court, Bobby Jindal. They are assholes in space court – they can read your mind in space court.”

Cruz’s complaint was no “evangelical Christians or Protestants” sat on the court to which Wilmore responds with “There are no Muslims on the court, no Buddhists, Klingons or Romulans,” Wilmore said. “Once again, we’ve got to go to space court to get true diversity.”

Watch Wilmore dish the gay marriage opposers a cold one in the video below. The Nightly Show airs on Comedy Central.

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