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Tef Poe, one of the many unsung heroes from the Ferguson protests, is back in the microphone booth stirring up controversial with the lead single for his upcoming War Machine 3 project.

If the album is to be considered a war, then color Hillary Clinton the primary target as the track “Hillary” takes aim at the leading Democratic choice for President of the United States in 2016.

“I hope y’all hear me now, because we don’t want no more Bill Clinton hand-me-downs…Hillary Clinton and [President] Obama still telling lies/Overseas, killing Africans/And it’s never televised,” the St. Louis MC coldly spat on the Trifecta-produced instrumental.

He also flung ether in the direction of FOX News, corrupt Black churches and the Democratic Party as a whole.

“I know I’m about to step into some deep sh*t…f*ck the entire Democratic Party. As a staff, record label and crew,” he said, channeling the infamous outro from 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” diss track. The record’s accompanying artwork also depicts Hillary Clinton have red eyes and proudly wearing a Confederate flag. The 67-year-old politician recently fell victim to an Internet hoax with a photoshopped picture of her with the racist symbol in her younger days.

Take a listen to Tef Poe’s Hillary Clinton diss below. Somewhere, there is a state capitol brewing with a response.

Photo: Instagram/Tef Poe