Hillary Clinton

Oh, the irony is what many Americans are screaming after the orange menace, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump got caught doing exactly what he attacked Hillary Clinton vigorously about at his racist rallies. 

Barack Obama was the intended recipient of an explosive device that was fortunately intercepted. A similar device was also sent to the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton. 


Ever since losing the Presidential election to Donald Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton has served as the Russian plant’s personal punching bag whenever he’s found himself in the face of scrutiny (which has been at least once a week for more than a year). Last night she swung back.

Martin Shkreli is back in federal prison after he made an ill-advised Facebook post asking fans to snatch a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair for $5,000.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was a guest on CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he responded to Hillary Clinton's election jab from her upcoming book.

In former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's upcoming book about her loss to President Donald Trump, she takes aim at Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump Jr. has found himself front and center in the Russia controversy that has clouded the presidency of his father since being elected and news that the nation helped upend the campaign of Hillary Clinton. In newly published emails from the mogul’s son, it has been confirmed that the younger Trump attempted to get […]

Hillary Clinton was probably somewhere minding her business when the Orange Overlord himself, President Donald Trump, decided to bring up some old stuff. The former business mogul took to Twitter Sunday morning (June 25) and tweeted that Clinton and the Democratic Party conspired to beat Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential race for the party’s […]

Hillary Clinton reemerged from the shadows since losing the election to President Donald Trump last November, and many of her supporters had been clamoring for her to return to the scene. The former First Lady made her first public video address, and her comment “the future is female” began trending on Twitter this morning.

Maybe Kanye West is just confused? While last night he went on a reportedly 40-minute pro-Donald Trump rant, during a concert, Yeezy actually donated thousands of dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

One of the hallmark’s of America’s democracy is the peaceful transfer of power, and accepting humbling defeat. We’ll never know if Donald Trump would have been so gracious, but Hillary Clinton‘s concession speech and Barack Obama’s promise of smoothly making way for the president-elect will go down in history.