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Donald Trump Jr. has found himself front and center in the Russia controversy that has clouded the presidency of his father since being elected and news that the nation helped upend the campaign of Hillary Clinton. In newly published emails from the mogul’s son, it has been confirmed that the younger Trump attempted to get information from Russian insiders aimed to sink the presidential campaign of Clinton.

The New York Times writes in an extensive report that in June 2016, Trump Jr. was sent an email by one of his father’s former business partners in Russia that held details from a Russian official that could be used to help aid the Trump presidential campaign. Trump responded to the potentially explosive contents of the email with, “If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.”

The Times adds that a Russian lawyer connected with the Kremlin met with Trump Jr. at the New York Trump Tower on June 9, 2016, just as his father, President Donald Trump, was reportedly upstairs. As the Justice Department and the Senate Intelligence Committee are working in conjunction to see if the Trump campaign team joined with the Russians to upset the tide of the election.

The details of what was going to be provided to Trump by Russia has not been revealed, although American officials say that Russians did interfere on some level. Trump Jr. unveiled the emails himself ahead of the Times going to print with the emails they’ve obtained, saying nothing came of the meeting on his end.

The Times piece on the email exchange and meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian officials can be viewed in full by following this link.

Editor’s Note: Don Jr. has been snitching on himself. See below, before he deletes the tweets.


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