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Despite having it his way after being caught, accused Charleston shooter and murderer Dylann Roof was indicted on new charges. On Tuesday (July 7), the proud Confederate flag waver was hit with three more charges of attempted murder. 

Reports the Associated Press:

Dylann Storm Roof, 21, already had been charged with nine counts of murder, one for each person killed in the June 17 attack at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church. He also faces a weapons charge, and has been indicted on that charge and the murder counts.

Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson said in a statement that the new attempted-murder charges stem from survivors of the massacre.

Roof’s defense attorney did not immediately return a message. Roof’s next court date is expected in October.

The court records released Tuesday show that Roof is accused of trying to kill three females, one of whom is a minor.

Federal authorities have not said whether they will pursue hate crime charges against Roof, although Justice Department officials have said they broadly agree the shootings meet the legal requirements for a hate crime.

Roof’s next court date isn’t until October? What’s the hold up?

Surely it’s to make sure the case against this guy is airtight, right?

Photo: AP Photo/Chuck Burton