Charleston Shooting

Steph Curry is teaming up with Viola Davis and Julius Tennon‘s JuVee Productions to produce a documentary about the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina church shooting. The documentary is titled Emanuel after the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church.

Dylann Roof, the white 22-year-old suspect connected to the killing of nine Black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., has elected to represent himself during the hate-crime and murder trial. Roof’s race-fueled motivation to enter Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2015 and open fire still has the community in emotional shambles.

Dwayne Stafford was given an online parade for attacking Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof. Now a free man, he’s explaining why he did it and the truth behind his bond being paid.

Federal prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof today (May 24). The 22-year-old murdered nine people who he had just prayed with in a Charleston, SC church in July 2015.

Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old white man accused of killing nine people in a Charleston, S.C. church, shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase the gun he used in the crime. According to the FBI, Roof was able to slip past a criminal background check due to a loophole in the system and obtained the .45-caliber handgun.

Despite having it his way after being caught, accused Charleston shooter and murderer Dylann Roof was indicted on new charges. On Tuesday (July 7), the proud Confederate flag waver was hit with three more charges of attempted murder. 

NASCAR, the unofficial “Southern sport,” is taking a bold stand in the country’s Confederate flag issue as the victims from the Charleston church shooting are still fresh in their graves.

Amber Roof, the sister of accused Charleston church shooter, Dylan Roof, recently took down a GoFundMe page where she had the nerve to scream “woe is me” because her racist killer sibling spoiled her wedding plans.

Anthony Hamilton is a Grammy-Award winner R&B hitmaker. He also hails from Charlotte, North Carolina; just a few hours from where the Charleston church shooting rocked the entire nation.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Charleston, S.C. to honor the lives of the nine victims of the tragic Mother Emanuel AME church shooting. President Obama delivered a powerful eulogy Friday afternoon  (Jun. 26) for his friend and fallen Mother Emanual pastor Rev. Clementa Pinckney and commanded the pulpit similarly to […]

Unfortunately it took the murder of nine people in a place of worship, but more people are starting to realize exactly the type of hate the Confederate flag symbolizes. A number of retailers have announced that they will no longer be stocking or selling the banner of slavery and treason. 

Even Alabama is getting in on the whole “the Confederate flag is bad look” trend. The state’s governor, Robert Bentley, ordered that the rebel flag of the Confederacy (news flash: they lost the Civil War) on the Capitol grounds to be taken down.