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Dwayne Stafford was given an online parade for attacking Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof. Now a free man, he’s explaining why he did it and the truth behind his bond being paid.

In an exclusive interview with Dwayne Stafford and his lawyer Marvin Pendarvis revealed the details of his bond release and the reason why he attacked Roof in the first place.

Pendavaris says that Stafford was in jail for 571 days without a trial for a crime he did not commit. He says that $379 is the amount that was applied towards his bond. Neither one of them know where the reported $100,000 went. Pendavaris also shared that Stafford is currently homeless and is in a temporary living situation and that he is helping him find something more permanent.

As for the attack itself, Stafford says that it wasn’t necessarily a planned attack. He says that he actually had a speaking relationship with Roof since the day he reported to jail.

Per Black Collective:

“I was the first person to speak to the man when he got in there. So I was like I want to approach him and let him see like, ‘Okay, what was you not getting for you to understand the fact that what you did is not understandable. I still don’t understand. So I basically approached him in a way like, ‘What’s going on with you man? Like, you couldn’t find nothing else better to do?’ It wasn’t hard. It was more peaceful. Usually when I give him the talk about his charges, he try to make me think that he feels real bad. I kind of felt as if ‘okay, this m*therf*cker think I’m stupid.’ He used to blame it on other people. He say he wrong but he says it wasn’t his idea. He doesn’t want to tell me who he’s associated with but he’s involved with other people. I don’t know who they are or what they represent.”

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