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Apple took us all the way into the future with that Apple Watch apparatus, but did consumers come out to support the company’s latest gadget. Quarterly sales figures are in, although unreleased, and reports suggest that the Apple Watch did well enough.

The company turned in first quarter sales figures earlier this week. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Watch exceeded their sales estimates, even though we don’t know what the estimations were.  Cook doesn’t want to share the numbers because it will “give insight to competitors.”


Reports CNBC:

All eyes will be on Apple’s Watch sales when the tech behemoth reports its latest quarterly earnings later today. There may not be much to see.

Analysts have called for caution ahead of Apple’s earnings call today, during which the company is expected to give its first official indication of Apple Watch sales figures since they went on sale in April. However, Apple will probably leave the exact revenue for the product in the “other” category and few are expecting detailed figures for an Apple product that has got off to a mixed start.

“Even if Apple comes out on the low end, everybody else wants to have those numbers,” said Ramon Llamas, who analyzes the phones and wearables market for market research firm IDC. “Everyone want to have those numbers even if they’re low, because everyone wants to crack that 1m unit barrier.”

Apple is believed to have topped that number in its first day of pre-sales, but tepid reviews and the inevitability of a newer version with fewer bugs have kept analysts’ estimates low – most estimate numbers for the quarter between three and five million. The company itself has been quiet about sales figures.

The Apple Watch could have sold between 2 and 4 million units in its launch quarter, snatching up a 75 percent share of the smart watch industry — even though there’s no real competition in said industry.

Apple reported the watch sales in its “other category” which accounts for over $2 billion in revenue, and includes various Apple products like Apple TV, and Beats headphones. That means the Apple Watch sold less than $2 billion. Another win for Apple.

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