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Big Bad 40, known by the Court of Law as Lawrence White aka 40 Glocc is in an active case to defend himself.

“They are using my songs against me. I thought the Constitution of the United States of America which is where I live grants me the first amendment which is freedom speech, I mean that’s what I read,” says Big Bad 40.

Last month the San Bernardino Count District Attorney’s office said they have supporting evidence showing the rappers’ top status in a gang.

There is no proof of any illegal activity made by Big Bad 40. Although the District Attorney said the rapper was seen selling drugs via surveillance cameras; officers that testified under oath said that he was not.

No evidence including surveillance cameras, have proven the rapper guilty of gang crimes. Cameras place him onsite of gang affiliated areas such as the Rancho Avenue and Mill Street an area dubbed as “The Zoo.”

Although these areas were known as gang havens years ago, the past three to four years have proven safe. Bottomline, there is no proof of him shooting, stealing or committing any crimes ever.

In 1996, Big Bad 40 was suspected of participating in an incident involving a gun battle but he was never charged. The rapper was reported to have a tattoo on his chest with C.C.C. standing for Colton City Crips.

A recent article released on July 4, 2010 stirred up Big Bad 40 who feels like the system is using the newspaper to trick the people by implying certain things and telling half of the stories told in court.

“My rights are being violated and somebody is lying on me. I don’t have any tattoos on my chest and whoever is putting out this wrong information can come over here and take a picture.  They make things up when I boast and brag and tease them in my music they find ways to punish me for not allowing them to dictate what I can and cannot do for my income and entertainment purposes,” says the rapper.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to speak freely and in this case; Big Bad 40 references the Colton City Crips, his upbringing and beliefs.

“Under the Amendment the rapper has the right speak without subjecting himself to the government-imposed restraints of a gang abatement injunction,” says Attorney Thomas Brackley.

In the midst of this governmental warfare, Big Bad 40 continues to release hot new music. This week the highly anticipated video “Damn” featuring the reality show TV’s boy wonder, Ray J will take of the internet, stay tuned in.