Glocc, born Lawrence Wright, has surrendered and is heading to jail. The former G-Unit rapper will be serving a 1-year sentence for his involvement in a prostitution ring.


40 Glocc can now breathe a bit easier after he took a plea deal that gets rid of two felony charges. The rapper is now out on bail until February and could see a sentence last just months if things work in his favor.


The Game famously put hands on 40 Glocc back in 2012 and the matter is still hanging around some seven years later. Glocc filed a lawsuit a couple of years back, but it appears the West Coast rivals are looking to settle up their legal differences.

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40 Glocc is still taking L’s. The rapper who infamously caught a fade via The Game was popped in a prostitution sting in Minnesota.


You remember 40 Glocc right? The West Coast rapper who caught a fade on iPhone camera via the Game? 

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Guess who just went digital? Today (Jan. 25),  The Game  dropped his very own line of iPhone emojis and they couldn’t be more true to his real life.

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It took no time at for both Young Thug and 40 Glocc to issue separate responses to The Game after he ethered both of them at his recent concert in New Orleans.

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Few people could forget the brutal hurting The Game put on rival rapper 40 Glocc in 2012. Although The Documentary author won the streets over with his brawl skills, it appears he’s set to take a L in court of law as the former G-Unit rapper filed a $4.5 lawsuit for assault.

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There’s nothing trivial about Tyga’s beef with Lil Durk. To prove it, he released the final product for “ChiRaq to LA” featuring fellow West Coast rapper Game, who goes on record to air out his respective arch enemy, 40 Glocc.

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40 Glocc just can’t win for losing and it doesn’t appear his luck will be changing anytime soon.


Somebody is allegedly posing as 40 Glocc to reheat a beef to capitalize off of The Game and his (ex?) fiancée’s domestic issues.

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There is a perception that famous people can’t hold themselves down in a fight. Over the last couple of years this theory has been proven wrong time, and time again.