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40 Glocc just can’t win for losing and it doesn’t appear his luck will be changing anytime soon.

The Cali rapper with Crip gang ties hasn’t been heard from since he filed a hefty lawsuit against The Game for being on the wrong end of a fade for the ages.

All that changed just yesterday evening when 40’s Instagram account spiraled out of control with flagrant updates aimed at his rival’s fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge. There were allegations made that she ran to comforting arms of 40 (and the contents of his pants) in retaliation from her domestic dispute that recently made headlines.

While The Game has remained mum on the situation, 40 promptly claimed he was hacked which in return, brought an enormous amount of backlash to his Twitter mentions. The people were quick to use 40’s words of “never being knocked out against him,” as the fade he caught on camera was pretty much the equivalent to such an outcome.

Even after the denial, there was yet another slanderous update on the IG account. The struggle has been going on for a days now and there were clearly promo uploads for his new single spliced in between the shots fired. (What, the hackers want 40 to sell records too?)

40 tried to capitalize off the newfound attention and post a YouTube link to no avail, as it currently sits at a paltry 600 views.

To say the people responding to Mr. Glocc’s plea copping lacked chill would be a severe understatement. Take a look at all the hilarious ether in the gallery for yourself.

Photo: Twitter, Instagram/40 Glocc

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