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When Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were killed, their shooters were treated like national celebrities. In the aftermath of their deaths, the slain teenager’s most unfavorable moments in their short lives were plastered all across the media as if it somehow justified their deaths.

On the other hand, the outrage over the death of Cecil the Lion at the hands of Minnesota dentist James Walter Palmer has been uproarious (pun intended) with celebrities such as Piers Morgan and a sniffling Jimmy Kimmel reacting like you would expect any humanitarian to over the death of African-American at the hands of police brutality. Wait.

To honor the life of Cecil the Lion, the Empire State illuminated his likeness across the Empire State Building over the weekend, along with other endangered species as part of the Oceanic Preservation Society’s upcoming documentary, Racing Extinction. In doesn’t take a political philosopher or Civil Rights activist to acknowledge the alleged illegal killing of an animal is dead wrong but it’s nice to know that many public figures who have a working voice and able fingers to use social media choose to ignore the killing of actual, human beings.

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Black Twitter Mocks Media Hypocrisy With Hilarious #AllLionsMatter

We will call it even if Sandra Bland gets her time to shine on the 102-story skyscraper. In the meantime, check out passionate protestors are over Cecil the Lion’s poaching.

For the record, the Empire State Building show cost more than $1 million.

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