The North Carolina Hip-Hop star finally lived out his hoop dreams in the Basketball Africa League.

Akon has been putting on for his city—literally.

While Cardi B lives a life most would kill for she is still as regular shmegular as everyone else. She has concerns about America’s safety and is considering busting a move to the mother land.

A recent spike in violence against migrant Africans in South Africa has sparked discussion on social media under the #SayNoToXenophobia hashtag, calling attention to a longstanding issue in the country. The African nation plays host to an event featuring other African leaders who have condemned the xenophobic attacks.

Kanye West and his worldwide tap dance for MAGA tour are currently stationed in Africa for at least a week. Right after West met with President Donald Trump and a weird Apple store “keynote speech,” the Chicago superstar traveled to Uganda to a resort where he and his team erected a futuristic outdoors recording studio.

Kanye West put on his best tap shoes and white gloves to put on a good old-fashioned minstrel show for President Donald Trump, after which he announced he’s heading to Africa. The Chicago superstar has officially been spotted on the continent, renting out a five-star luxury resort for an entire week.

France defeated Croatia to win the FIFA World Cup 2018. That’s what it says on paper, but one look at the members of the French team and it’s clear as day that it was Africa who really won. 

A set of hunters got a taste of their own medicine on a recent trip to the motherland. They were eaten when trying to capture rare animals.

Not to objectify our sisters who hail from the continent of Africa, but the motherland is home to women who have gravity-defying curves, especially in East Africa. Tanzania’s Sanchoka, also known as Sanchi, sports one of the largest backsides we’ve ever featured on Baes and Baddies and it apparently runs in the family.

President Donald Trump has sparked global outrage after his alleged “sh*thole countries” remarks made last week were said to be shared inside the Oval Office during a meeting surrounding DACA. In response, and after some came forward confirming the remarks, South Africa has announced a formal diplomatic protest to begin today (Jan. 15) at the […]

Reports say that military forces took control of the African nation of Zimbabwe but are not calling it a coup. President Robert Mugabe is under arrest.

On Saturday (Oct. 14), a truck bomb exploded in Mogadishu, the capital of the African nation of Somalia.