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Kanye West and his worldwide tap dance for MAGA tour are currently stationed in Africa for at least a week. Right after West met with President Donald Trump and a weird Apple store “keynote speech,” the Chicago superstar traveled to Uganda to a resort where he and his team erected a futuristic outdoors recording studio.

The Blast reports:

In a video he titled, “Spaceship calling earth| 3 Domes Uganda,” West started off sitting inside one of the tents before wandering outside. At one point, West gets a little annoyed when a sound engineer stops the music before he had a chance to start rapping.

One particular lyric stood out from the rest: “Relax your mind, let your conscience be free, no matter what they say, I’m a still be me. Be free, be free, be free!”

For all you “Poopy-di scoop” fans, we have good news — the infamous non-sensical lyric makes a return in this new video.

Check out Kanye West working out some new music in the clip below.

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