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President Donald Trump has sparked global outrage after his alleged “sh*thole countries” remarks made last week were said to be shared inside the Oval Office during a meeting surrounding DACA. In response, and after some came forward confirming the remarks, South Africa has announced a formal diplomatic protest to begin today (Jan. 15) at the U.S. embassy in the African nation.

From South Africa’s Department of International Relations:

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) will on Monday, 15 January 2017, demarche the Charges de Affaires (the second in charge) of the Embassy of the United States of America in Pretoria following the recent disturbing comments attributed to President Donald Trump.

The Department will provide an opportunity to the Charges de Affaires to explain the statement that African countries, alongside Haiti and El Savador, constitute “sh*tholes” from where migrants into the United States are undesirable.

The Department has noted President Trump’s tweet on Friday, 12 January 2018, in which he denies making the crude and offensive statement. The Department has noted further that President Trump’s denial was not categorical, referring only to Haiti and not addressing the entirety of the statement attributed to him.

The statement demands that President Trump move forward with “mutual understanding and respect” this point forward to retain diplomatic ties with dignity.

Good luck on getting that to happen.

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