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Once known as the “sound” of Cash Money Records, Mannie Fresh reveals that he was never properly paid for his contributions.

Keeping things short and simple, the producer stated that his departure was solely based on money and him not receiving the funds.

Speaking with AllHipHop, he elaborated on the circumstances and what he gave during his tenure under Birdman.

“I did albums for Cash Money, I didn’t do singles, I did whole albums for Cash Money, and at the end of the day I’m saying I wasn’t paid for albums so its like you’re doing 10 songs and somebody pays you for 1. What would that be equivalent to?”

When it came to the possibility of him reuniting and working with his old team again…

“In truth, I will work with them again based on this, if they cut the check. Its not going to be based on just some words but we done talked about that, we done been there and by the grace of God, we ain’t enemies, none of us hate each other but business is business and that was a hard lesson for me to learn.”

As many young artists getting their first taste of the business, Fresh admitted that some of the blame could easily be placed on him for just not knowing any better and being so consumed with just making music.

“I was in love with doing music, I wasn’t paying attention to my business so I’m not even going to say that was all Cash Money’s fault that was my fault as well but I was a young dude that didn’t know any better.”

As Cash Money is building, with the growing Young Money, do you think some of the old flavor from Mannie Fresh would help the team skyrocket past the competition?