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Yasiin Bey is continuing to shun his Mos Def MC persona with a totally new career path.

Standup comedy.

Billboard has learned that Cult Montreal chronicled the 41-year-old thespian for his standup comedy debut at the Phi Centre. Yasiin Bey has plenty of comedic experience in his acting roles, including a reoccuring role on the short-lived Chappelle’s Show and voice acting on The Boondocks so it would seem like a natural transition.

“I love Hip-Hop, but ‘rap’ is like if Donald Trump were Black,” he reportedly said during the warm-up opener.

Shortly after, he switched to more crowd relevant material such as Kanye West’s recent temper tantrum at the Pan Am Games and the fizzling Drake and Meek Mill beef.

“You had (Kanye out at the Pan-Am games sweating and going hard as one of the athletes. He threw that mic in the air so hard it never came down. I was talking to El-P from Run the Jewels the other day and he said it turned into a bird,” he said getting a rise out of the crowd. “The male ego is a boring place,” he told the Canadian audience in reference to their hometown hero giving the MMG rap star the business.

Peep Yasiin Bey in action from his “Happy Birthday, Shut Up!” show in the clips below and next few pages.

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