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We’re not going to even pretend we truly give any f*cks about Draya Michele and her on again off again fiance, NFL player Orlando Scandrick. However, we gotta mention that she copped to throwing dude’s sneakers, including his Air Yeezys, in a pool after he broke up with her

Draya’s crazy eye was on full display on Big Boy’s Neighborhood:

Reports Bossip:

On her alleged threats to put bleach in his eyes and throw his clothes in the pool:

I didn’t really want to put bleach in his eyes. (Laughs) I was in my house, it’s okay to lock the doors, put the blinds down and tear it up. In my opinion. We don’t have domestic violence, I’m just a little destructive sometimes during an argument. I’m not destructive to him.

On destroying his shoes and hitting below the belt:

He’s a shoe guy, I put the shoes in the pool. I put the Yeezys in the pool. I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I’m a little crazy. I’m gonna talk about your mama, I’m gonna throw your clothes in the pool. It’s an argument!


And this foolio took her back? You get what you deserve.

Peep the struggle below.

Photo: YouTube