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Why ask a question when you don’t want the answer?

You know that plan that Ghost has lamented for the past few episodes? That elaborate plan which needed proper execution and total support from everyone involved in order to succeed? Well, Ghost harvested the fruits of this blueprint in the penultimate episode of a hectic season 2 of Power, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

The #FreeTommy campaign permeated through social media as the people desired the usual irrational “I know he’s guilty but free my guy anyway” justice for one of our favorite characters. It makes sense that we would start the episode with Tommy being processed. While he appreciated the assistance of his new defense attorney Joe Proctor, he wondered how Ghost avoided getting caught. Although Proctor advocated in favor of Ghost and his good intentions, it seemed convenient that he “showed up to the meeting late” and evaded the federal agents. Could Ghost be in cahoots with Angela to set Tommy up and vacate the drug game for greener pastures? The USDA’s knew to play on Tommy’s paranoia by offering him a deal, and bringing his mother (who seemed higher than giraffe pum pum) in to convince him to flip. Ghost even beseeched Angela to working with Tommy to get him a deal, but Tommy wouldn’t snitch. In fact, Tommy was ready to “cancel Christmas” on the whole operation and tell Proctor about Angela and Ghost’s affair (which Ghost convinced Proctor would help more than hurt).

Prosecutorial malfeasance of this kind should come with sanctions!

Proctor told Tommy to shut up and sit tight, as he went to work. This would prove to be the best advice that Tommy received, as Proctor got his case dismissed with Prejudice! Proctor argued that the partial sketch (given by Nomar) wasn’t the actual sketch used to ID Tommy. The full sketch which Angela completed with a 14 year old Isabella Ruiz (illegally) was used and not included in the evidence during the discovery phase of the trial. If you’ve watched ANY Law and Order ever in your life, you know this is a big no-no. The judge agreed and threw out the evidence, thus clearing Tommy and setting him free! Tommy’s vigilance was rewarded and Ghost was there to drive him home, reminding him that he will always come through in the clutch.

We’ve both been playing dirty Angie. You’re just mad you lost

Angela realizes that Ghost has been playing her the entire time. Ghost had access to the Isabella sketch and used that to get Tommy out of jail. Angela confronts Ghost at Truth, which is beautifully ironic that this club where Angie reconnected with Ghost, and began this fantasy journey, would be the place where all fronting between the two finalley ceased. Ghost lets Angela know that he knew about the cloned phone and delivered her Lobos. Angela furiously explained that her job was in jeopardy due to his actions and that she now knows he is the true Ghost. All throughout this conversation, Ghost still tries convincing Angela to leave with him as they still had an opportunity for their happily ever after. Needless to say, Angela refused.

Tasha decides she’s better off leaving the city with Shawn (?!) and her kids than to be around Ghost. The money she’s accrued over the entire season in her separate bank account is more than enough to start another life. She sells Shawn a dream of starting over and escaping the life, sounding eerily similar to Ghost. Shawn buys in, but has to first avenge his family and kill Ghost, per Kanan’s wishes.

What Kanan asked you to do. A real father should ever ask his son

Shawn was never built for the drug game. Ghost knew this and told him so throughout the entire series. Shawn’s infatuation with Tasha, and his desire to please his father fueled him to attempt to carry out his mission. His initial attempt to kill Ghost during a typical drive was thwarted, but he seized another opportunity in the bowels of Truth. Shawn holds Ghost hostage at gunpoint, and in true 80’s cartoon villain fashion, explains his entire diabolical master plan to kill Ghost, stand by Kanan and run away with Tasha. Ghost lulls him into a false sense of security and disarms Shawn like an Ethan Hunt action scene. He reaffirms that Shawn is a novice and rather than killing Shawn, Ghost banishes him from New York.

That same act of mercy was not displayed by Kanan. Shawn goes to his father, who planned to audible the botched hit on Ghost with a “Menace to Society” style drive-by shooting. Shawn confronts his father and chastises him for making him a pawn in his game for revenge. Shawn disowns his father and plans to leave town, but Kanan would hear none of that. The shocking end of their conversation resulted in Kanan murdering his own son. Kanan will tolerate nothing but 100% loyalty regardless of your relation to him. It’s safe to say that Kanan is his brother’s keeper.

Greg revealed to Angela that he’d be surveilling her and suspects her to be working with Ghost to get Tommy free. I’m sure he’s also salty about Angie leaving him for Ghost too. Angela tells Greg that she was deceived and didn’t want to bring the USDA into it until she had concrete proof. Angela and Greg now plan to build a solid case against Ghost to take him down as the true New York distributor.

Time is truly up for Ghost and Angela. The clock has also ran out on Shawn, a sacrificial lamb in Kanan’s quest for retribution. Ghost knows that Tasha was cheating too. His plans for the Cartel and Truth, along with Kana’s plan to turn the entire organization against Ghost, will serve as the backdrop for an explosive season finale. Don’t get too attached to your favorite characters, because at this point I’m not sure who will survive!

Pour out a little liquor for Shawn. Bereavement information is below:

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