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A worthless police group on Facebook recently made headlines for mocking the death of Mike Brown in light of the one-year anniversary for the start of the turmoil in Ferguson. However, their sick sense of humor couldn’t defeat the amount of positivity displayed from hundreds of citizens and mourners alike.

Today, August 9, 2015, marks the day unarmed Black teen Mike Brown, was killed by white police officer Darren Wilson during a scuffle in the streets of the St. Louis suburb. The contrast of their race and the fact Brown was unarmed of the time set off a national outrage that resulted in weeks of rioting and protests in the community.

Wilson, 29, was eventually acquitted of any wrong doing in the shooting and Brown’s death has since been followed by a wave of unarmed Black males who lost their lives thanks to unmeasured use of deadly force by cops all over the country. Despite the stacked odds, hundreds gathered in Ferguson today to celebrate the life of the slain teen and trumpet the message that Black Lives still Matter.

According to the Associated Press, marchers took 4-1/2 minutes of silence to represent the roughly 4-1/2 hours Brown’s body laid in the street before a response team had the decency to remove it from the scene. Makeshift memorials featuring candles and teddy bears also reportedly were scattered throughout the area.

Michael Brown, Sr. stood tall with supporters and told the press, “I hurt every day. But I’m trying to make it uncomfortable to people that think this is OK to do this stuff.”

Rest in peace to Mike Brown, Jr. Take a look at the scenes from around Ferguson and Brooklyn’s movements in the gallery below.

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Photo: St. Louis American Video Screenshot

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