Ghostface Killah still doesn’t like Action Bronson but even an Ironman scorned knows that a man gotta have a code.

During funeral services for Boot Camp Clik legend Sean Price in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon, longtime Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Popa Wu got all up in the Queens rapper’s grill and apparently made him flee the premises in fear of his physical safety.

Despite GFK’s threats to “gut [Action Bronson] like a fish,” the legendary MC does not approve of what transpired at the wake.

“Nuff respect to Sean price family, my condolences. That thing that happen yesterday wasn’t my work, I never sent the wolves on him,” he wrote on Twitter.

Popa Wu has since softened his earlier stance on giving Bronsolini “chesties” for disrespecting the crew.

“Peace I want everybody to know out there from this picture that you see all that you seen that everybody’s trying to put out there that I disrespect Shawn p.wake kno that not me. me @ action Bronson never got into nothing I was actually standing talking to him like a father to a son I got sunz his age they brought him over to me and said do you know who this is he said no I said Popawu that’s y his Face look like that I never yelled at that brother I was jus letting him no how real life is that all cause I’m no Savage I’m a righteous man I would never harm 2 no young brother i don’t give a Fuk if u are black Brown yellow white half original Or red that’s not me so if u really want 2 here the truth about wat happen hit me up Peace @ Luv Popawu!!!,” he captioned on the same confrontational Instagram picture.

It may be safe to say that continuing on with the “beef” (one that Action repeatedly stated he wanted no parts of) would be in poor taste.

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