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Lamar Odom has officially turned on Khloe Kardashian. The former pro athlete denies that he ran up  on Kardashian at SoulCycle yesterday (Aug. 13), and claims that she knew he was coming.

When TMZ caught up with Odom, he was adamant that Kardashian wanted him there because he lives in Las Vegas and therefore wouldn’t have come all the way to L.A. unannounced (it’s about a 30 minute flight, or a two-hour drive). He’s also not happy that she didn’t tweet that out, or have a “source” contact a media outlet to clear the story up.

During his mini-interview, Odom goes from angry to calm, trying to get the camera guy on his side. He also blames racist reporting for tarnishing his entire image, and potentially stopping him from getting a more regular 9-5 (if he’s interested in that).

Later in the rambling video, Odom threatens to put some secrets on blasts, but didn’t specify what he was actually talking about.

Peep his interview below.

Photo: screenshot