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Fans of Steve Harvey‘s morning show are familiar with the comedian and host’s themes of relationships, dating, and finding love. In a recent taping featuring nothing but men, things got a bit creepy when the crowd of around 2,000 were asked to offer their thoughts on women.

The folks over at Defamer took a deeper look at the Steve Harvey taping, which was fashioned as an all-male summit of sorts. The theme of the show was “What Men Really Think,” and it appears those men did just that by showing the worse sides that gender has to offer by cat-calling women guests who were onstage among other shameful antics. Defamer collected the thoughts of comedian Tim Dunn from Facebook, which we’ll share below.

From Defamer:

– Over a hundred women were seated onstage, and when they got up to speak they were catcalled. This resulted in the warm-up comic asking the men to stop catcalling, as the vibe in the room had become “too rapey.”

– When women skyped in to ask Steve for advice, their image was displayed on large screens, which men would either catcall or groan at based on the women’s looks. And like, if you looked at the guys groaning, spending a night with any of these women would be the absolute best night of their lives.

– During a segment about how often men want sex, a young man got up and mentioned that he is sometimes too tired from work to have sex with his girlfriend. He was immediately booed and had homophobic epithets yelled at him.

– During the same segment, a woman got up and described a time when she didn’t want to have sex because she had just finished a tiring road trip. In that time, she was first catcalled, then booed, ending with a man yelling “you haven’t done your duty!” in response to her story.

– To end that segment, Steve said it should be the woman’s decision whether or not to have sex. Only the women onstage, the comedians in our row, and a few other men throughout the theater applauded that statement.

According to a Chicago comedy podcast, Harvey’s oft-criticized relationship advice style was also on display. As some might remember, Harvey penned the popular book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment, which has its fair share of fans and critics alike. According to the accounts, Harvey remained committed to the hackneyed advice of men being “hunters” and related typical fare.

Surprisingly, the show will air on September 8 and 9 although most can expect that if what occurred actually happened that the show will be edited to the extreme.

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