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Young Buck has got some explaining to do. The G-Unit rapper’s parole officer claims he used someone else’s urine to pass a drug test—a move that could send him back to jail if true. 

Reports TMZ:

The rapper — who is on a probation — used someone else’s urine to pass a drug test … so claims his probation officer.

The P.O. says Buck came in for his drug test and concealed a plastic bag with someone else’s clean pee, and then used a tube to transfer it into a sample cup.

Turns out it’s a felony to falsify a court-ordered urine test, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

According to court docs, Buck had been smoking weed while traveling with another rap artist. TMZ broke the story … that artist is none other than Snoop.

Does Golden Seal not do the trick anymore?

Photo: Instagram