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Yelawolf all but alienated all of his Black followers when he defended the Confederate Flag a couple of weeks ago in an unprovoked rant.

The Alabama rapper likened the controversial Civil War symbol to his Southern heritage and was enraged it was becoming a shunned relic in 2015 but made no mention of its deep-rooted, racist symbolism for many of those who champion it, especially accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

Although he is still holding true to his beliefs, Yelawolf recently went on a tirade upset that he had to delete a related post of a man wearing a Burning Dixie post due to copyright infringement.

“So I had to take that post down about the Burning Dixie Flag shirt … Cause these dudes put a cease and desist on me,” Eminem’s artist wrote. “Threatening to sue me. Wow. I can’t fathom why … I know I sold them some shirts with that post … They should be thanking me. Typical LA sh*t. Good. Even further proving my point that they were out there league .. Not culturally bound to stand behind such a statement…”

While many could take issues with many of the lengthy Instagram post’s contents, it was the “typical LA sh*t” line that got Glasses Malone stirred up and he was sure to fire off some shots of his own.

“I don’t know what u mean typical ‘LA’ sh*t,” G-Malone spewed “Ain’t nothin’ typical about this city here!!! So be proud of where you from but watch what u say about this!!!! F**k around and get your pass revoked! 100.”

Yelawolf has yet to respond to the Watts native but don’t be surprised if he sits this one out.

Check out Glasses Malone’s g-check of Yelawolf (and his rant) down below.

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