1. Deray Mckesson


Location: N/A

Followers: 225K

Selecting who would go first at the top of our 2015 Black Twitter 100 list in the Cultural Commentators category was a tough decision to make. Any of the individuals named up to this point is certainly worthy of the accolades, adoration and prominence they wield in today’s society.

That said, Baltimore native Deray McKesson has captured our minds and hearts as a compassionate, focused activist that upended his entire life as an educator to join a movement that is partly sustained by his selfless efforts. Beyond Deray’s work in calling attention to cases like Michael Brown, and more recently, Sandra Bland, it is his willingness to put himself on the front lines without entourage or security to shield him that stands out most of all.

Deray has endured attacks on his character, sexuality, purpose for protesting, how he earns money, and other vicious and lowly attacks from conservative pundits and detractors who think the Black Lives Matters movement needs to be silenced. As a leader in the We The Protestors group alongside Johnetta “Netta” Elzie, Deray stands tall as a courageous champion of the people.