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Cassie getting her groove back

Cam, M-Chuck and Julius get ready for a cheat day breakfast, as Cam breaks his diet in the best way possible: with mom’s home cooking! Cassie seems to have overslept while they discuss the meal they’re about to crush. Cam suggests waking her up to get breakfast started right, but as they overheard, Cassie was already “rising and grinding”

Yes, the family was greeted by the sensual sounds of morning sex. Cassie’s new love interest Blair, in all of his Five Heartbeats splendor, seemed to be a hit in their first date. Needles to say, Cassie missed the breakfast. Julius went to drop M-Chuck off at Community Service (a.k.a. road clean-up) and Cam headed to practice. Cassie runs out the house to apologize for missing breakfast, and ask for Cam’s financial assistance with “a woman’s procedure” she needs to get done. You never want to see your mom in walk of shame attire the morning after her date!

“Good Cancer”


Cam immediately goes to M-Chuck’s community service location to tell her that Cassie has cancer. A slight overreaction to say the least. M-Chuck argues that the cancer has to be “the good kind” because of how she presented it to Cam (a hilarious back & forth). Since it’s a “lady procedure” Cam thinks M-Chuck should be the one to find out more details.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

While at the nail salon, Cassie and Missy speak about the joys of motherhood, and how she should have a baby with Reggie soon. Cassie thinks Missy will be perfect as a mother because she loves telling people what to do! M-Chuck gets to the salon to let Cassie know that Cam is scared to death that she has Cancer, due to the “lady procedure” conversation. Cassie then lets Missy and M-Chuck know that the procedure is for her to get her “pocketbook tweaked”. Having kids is awesome, but it wrecks havoc on a woman’s body, and Cassie wants to reconstruct her nether regions back to pre baby birth status.

Cam googles the definition of Vaginal Rejuvenation and is completely disgusted. He doesn’t know why Cassie would want to change her body in face of the side effects and to please Blair. He wants to call a family meeting to have an intervention for Cassie and M-Chuck and Julius reluctantly agree.


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