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The Apple Special Event press conference went down today and there were plenty of new products, including a revamped Apple TV, a new iPad Pro and the new iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus.

But while geeks go over all the fine details of the technical mumbo jumbo, what are the new options you actually care about?

Here you go:

Apple TV

After four years, the Apple TV has finally been updated. Talking to Siri will take you to movies and programs you want to watch. The Bluetooth remote control has been improved and even works as a game controller for the Apple TV’s new gaming features.

It rings in at $149 and $199 for the 32GB and 64GB option, respectively—which you’ll need to hold a gang of new apps.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

The new phones come in at the same price point as the previous model and the camera has improved to 12MP (the front facing camera has also been up to 5MP to make your selfies look better—you care). It is made of some type of newfangled aluminum that NASA or maybe the Star Trek Enterprise would surely use.

Drop down menus can be accessed with the 3D Touch feature, similar to Force Touch on new MacBooks. After a learning curve, it will surely be handy for everything from Messenger to Instagram.

You can also shoot 4K video with the camera (but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between HD anyway, unless you’re into the video editing thing). The Live Photo features lets you essentially snap GIFs.

It also comes in very cool “Rose Gold” color option. Pre-orders start this Saturday (Sept. 12) and you can expect your phone by the end of the month.


Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil s a glorified stylus and will run you $99. Try not to lose it.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is bigger, more powerful and is basically a portable MacBook. The 12.9″ screen is clear as day.

It has a full sizes “soft keyboard” accessory that looks pretty cool. It’s louder than the iPad Air 2 thanks to four speakers. It’s starts at a hefty $799, though.



You got some cool news bands, if you’re into that sort of thing. Also, it’s getting a GoPro app and Facebook Messenger. You use that?

Photo: Gizmodo/Apple