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Gilbert Arenas is tired of getting dragged on social media over his break up from ex, Laura Govan, who is also the mother of four of his children. Arenas went on Instagram yesterday to deny being a deadbeat dad, and to put Govan on blast for (allegedly) using  $20,000 in monthly child support checks to buy clothes that she can floss on social media.

He later deleted the post.

Reports TMZ:

Enter Gilbert on social media last night … putting Laura right in the crosshairs. 

“I always read about what kind of dad I am but I’ve never posted about it so who’s telling yall? let me guess the mother RIGHT im a Deadbeat??”

In his rant, Gilbert says he’s set up each of his kids with a $300k college fund, plus he pays for everything from private school to food, clothes, house, cars, etc. 

Then he goes after Laura — “She gets 20k a month but if u read what I do then ask urself what does she do with 20k …she has to feed the kids at home, pay for gas to get them to school and pay her phone bill andddddddd that’s it.”

He added, “She gets 20k to buy her self clothes for #IG for u f*cks to hit the like button.”

“She has 2 million dollar closet but my kids look like their bums half the damn time they get posted and I’m the #Deadbeat….if I’m a #deadbeat and a bad father WHAT the f*ck are the rest of the fathers called??? Yall can call me what u want but i bet yall want me as ur baby daddy smdh.”

Govan and Arenas have been going thought it for a while now, and it doesn’t look like this extreme pettiness is slowing down in the near feature. Nonetheless, Arenas has the right to defend himself against apparently false claims, as does Govan.

Hopefully their children are too young to understand just how publicly volatile their relationship has become.

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