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As Americans recall the horrors of the 9/11 tragedy in Washington and New York on Friday (Sept. 11), a terrible accident at the Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia has left dozens dead along with several others injured. According to Saudi Arabia’s civil defense division, a crane collapsed and landed into the Grand Mosque and crashed through the ceiling.

According to the scant details available thus far from the AFP, the AP and the BBC, around 87 people were killed and a reported 180 others injured. Photos from the fatal accident have been circulating via social media, and the images are nothing short of disturbing. In many of the shots, the slain victims’ bodies are scattered about inside the grand expanse of the mosque.

The Grand Mosque, the site of the annual hajj pilgrimage where Muslims from around the world embark upon the Holy City, was especially busy as the hajj was set to take place later in the month.

As this story develops, we will update with details.

Please visit the following pages for photos of the crane accident at the Holy City of Mecca’s Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia. A Warning: the images are disturbing and we urge extreme caution when viewing.

Photo: AP

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