Protestant Whiskey

Reggie obliges Cam and proceeds to the arena to talk to the staff about coordinating for Coach to get in the building, along with other tasks (dropping off 8 chickens at a friends house, getting Dirty paul court side seats, etc.). What follows is a hilarious roast session where the facilities staff led by Joe Connolly, reject Reggies good will gesture of Bushmills as they are Irish Catholics and only drink Jameson. The Dorchester vs Boston argument will have New Yorkers who claim boroughs before the city relating with their conversation. In the end, it served to be good clean fun, as Joe and crew agreed to help Reggie.

Life is Great

Cam returns to Coach healey to tell him the good news, and Coach rejects the offer to the game. He lets Cam know that he was a mediocre coach at best, and starting Cam as a sophomore was a no brainer because he was just better than everyone else. He reassures Cam that he is enjoying life despite how he looks and that Cam shouldn’t worry about him. Cam needed a whole slew of lucky charms, because he had yet another terrible game as Atlanta lost again.

Plantation: The Musical

M-Chuck, Cassy and Missy went on a field trip to learn more about Georgia by visiting a plantation. Usually, you’d think Missy would be the one to react negatively to the images on the trip, but M-Chuck was livid. They were greeted by brothers on the plantation singing negro showtunes, and a woman playing the part of the plantation madame giving the tour. M-Chucks questions for the tour guide were hilarious, as she reinforced that slavery was wrong and that she was disgusted.

Sensual Reparations

M-Chuck confronted the actors to ask why they would participate in this reenactment of slavery, and long story short; they got bills to pay! The main actress, Hazel, tells M-Chuck that she’s working to help her dad who shot himself in the face and pay student loans. They soon found out that they had a lot more in common as they decided to get it on inside the plantation house, to be later discovered by kids on a field trip. M-Chuck gladly traded 40 acres and a mule for one night of passion.

Cam was challenged by Reggie at the end of this episode to become that “Grown Ass Man” that he proclaimed was, and to stop with the Diva act. The only way he can overcome his troubles is if Cam truly grows up and gets about his business. he decides to trash his lucky shorts (which arrived late), and move forward. I’m skeptical if Cam will really grow up this season, but let’s monitor his progress next week.

Jeff @JeffJSays is the host and creator behind “That ADHD Show“. Whether it’s behind the scenes or in front of the screen, Jeff strives to entertain, educate and interact with audiences of all sizes and demographics. Jeff has fun being him, as we all should!


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