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When a professional athlete returns to his hometown as a member of the visiting team, they always look to put on the best show possible.

Coming off the worst slump of his career, and a proper roasting by local Boston media, Cam looks to get every edge he can get to have a monster game in the latest episode of Survivor’s Remorse.

Lucky Shorts

Cam has more superstitious ways than a baseball player. He wants everything to be right in order for him to break his slump and represent in Beantown. He calls Cassie to overnight his lucky shorts that he forgot at home, he can’t have a hotel room with a view of the river, and he needs his favorite burger from Tico’s cooked medium rare. Reggie tries to convince him that all of the histrionics were unnecessary and he had to focus in order to “reverse the curse”, but Cam didn’t buy it.

Coach Is That You?

Cam goes to see his High School coach, Coach Healey to invite him to his game as another good luck charm, but when he sees his old coach Cam gets a rude awakening. Coach has put on a lot of weight, is out of a job and is divorced. his appearance has all the makings of a True Life or Intervention episode. The truck Cam bought for him is collecting dust in the driveway, and Coach wants no parts of attending any game. Cam wants to help his coach in any way possible and tells Reggie to get Coach to the game, even if he has to tear a wall down in his house and cart him to the arena. Reggie argues that Cam cannot save everyone and has to move on and focus on his game but Cam will hear none of it, and insists that Reggie helps him help Coach Healey.


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