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It’s almost a unanimous opinion that Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” is a pretty catchy tune and it was only inevitable that it fall victim to some good old-fashioned culture appropriation.

Enter the baby-faced George Dalton; a kid actor/singer who has tried his hand at “Trap Queen” cover like several other artists before him. Unlike the rest, he decided to get his parents to shell out some allowance for a glossy music video to accompany it (think, envision, see: Rebecca Black) and it’s not going over so well across the Internet.

For starters, the jazz remixed lyrics wipe out the New Jersey superstar’s explicit references to his whippin’ work in exchange for apple pies being baked behind picket fences inside a Pleasantville, U.S.A. neighborhood. And as writer Paul Cantor so pointed out, the only Black kid featured in the video is driving around George and his pubescent girlfriends. Think Driving Miss Daisy 2K15.

Strangely enough, George’s “Trap Queen” cover claims “No copyright infringement intended,” which probably means permission wasn’t granted and a C&D and/or lawsuit is around the corner.

Take a look at some of the reactions in the gallery below. This…is…a…fail.

Photo: YouTube

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