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An actress who played a medical assistant in the first three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager was arrested in Tennessee earlier in the month, for exposing herself to minors. When authorities came to the home of 41-year-old Jennifer Ann Lien, she was kicking back on the couch — naked.

Lien had an open warrant out after she exposed herself to neighbor Carey Smiths children, three days earlier. Smith says Lien made “vulgar” comments about how the children were being cared for while two of them were crying. “I told her to mind her own business and keep on walking.”

Obviously, Lien didn’t go quietly.

“All of a sudden, here come the shirt up,” said Smith. “She started flashing and, ‘Woo hoo,’ and I said, ‘And what respect is that for kids?’ There was none. And then she turned around and dropped her pants.”

Another parent added, “I don’t understand what she was doing.”

Nobody does.

Afraid that things might escalate, parents called 911. When deputies came to arrest Lien, they claim she was nude under a blanket (seriously lady?), and said that she was expecting them. She also denied exposing herself to the kiddies.

A female deputy was called in to help, and Lien had to be carried out to a squad car because she wouldn’t comply. She was charged with indecent exposure, and held at the Roane County Detention Center on $2,500 bond.

Lien, who starred on Voyager in the ’90s,  has a previous criminal record that includes aggravated assault, resisting arrest and a 2012 arrest for domestic assault.

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