Chicago rap fixture Mikkey Halsted unfortunately helps make up the alumni of artists who did a stint on Cash Money Records without ever dropping an album.

In a recent interview with, he shared his vivid memories of being on the label which pretty much summed up plenty of the reasons why the Birdman and his operation keep attracting lawsuits.

Here’s just a sample:

On Birdman Demanding McDonald’s Receipts

“I’ve seen Baby [Birdman] over there with $50,000-$100,000 spread out on the bed and people that’s in his own family are asking him to give them McDonald’s money. He would give somebody $10 and ask for change back. So, that’s the kind of person he was. It was just a lot of bad business man, that I’ve seen done and you know, it’s only so far as I can talk about it…until I get my money.”

On the Money Cash Money Owes Him

“I feel I’m owed probably a half a million dollars right now. After I saw what happened after Kanye got his money [Mikkey had to fight to get Kanye paid] I should have tried to get off the label. But I always had hope. I left over 75 songs [with Cash Money] because back then they didn’t just give you the music. It wasn’t like we were using email. We couldn’t hear it. None of this shit [the music I recorded] ever saw the light of day.

I also can’t help but think about all the stories about Cash Money that still haven’t been told. In the early days of the label there was no Twitter, no Reddit, no TMZ, no DJBooth to document the disputes between Birdman and artists. What stories haven’t been told? Official was essentially erased from history, who else has been erased? Something tells me I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface…

Read the rest of the Mikkey Halsted Cash Money horror stories over at

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