For better or worse when Irv Gotti speaks the culture listens. In a recent interview he says Cash Money Records is the "greatest label ever."

The Cash Money Records empire is about to get one of their originals back. The half-brother to Baby and Slim has been released from prison after getting hit with a life sentence.

The New Orleans label emerged as one of the biggest successes in the independent Hip-Hop market ahead of becoming a household name.

In a recent interview, the music mogul says that the outfit rakes in millions of dollars off its master recordings across its stable of artists.


In the late 90’s Ca$h Money Millionaires was arguably the hottest rap group/record label in Hip-Hop this side of Roc-A-Fella Records and though many purists credit them with turning the rap game from the ghetto CNN to MTV Cribs on wax, they’re place in Hip-Hop history is well cemented regardless of how y’all may feel.

Juvenile helped propel Cash Money Records onto the national map with the massive success of his third studio album, 400 Degreez, which recently celebrated its 20th-anniversary last November. Record collection club Vinyl Me, Please re-released the classic project for the first time on wax for its members in an exclusive pressing that collectors are sure […]

Even the greats need a helping hand from time to time. Lil Wayne recently announced that Jay-Z was there for him when Uncle Sam came knocking on his door.

Lil Wayne wasn’t the only Cash Money Records artist to say they’ve been stiffed on getting properly compensated during their time on the label. After Tyga brought a $10 million lawsuit against Birdman over unpaid royalties, it looks like the two sides are trying to work out a settlement deal.

Now this is what you call irony. Tyga, the rapper known for not paying his bills until ordered to be a judge, is suing Cash Money and Young Money for their alleged failure to pay him his royalties in full. 

The ongoing legal saga between Lil Wayne and Birdman has come to an end, this after the pair reached an eight-figure settlement. Adding to the good news, it appears that Wayne will finally have the freedom to release his long-awaited Tha Carter V album, but will do so outside of the Cash Money Records wheelhouse.

Despite news from sources close to the situation saying otherwise, Lil Wayne and Birdman are clearly trying to fix their broken relationship. The Young Money honcho was spotted at the release party for Birdman’s Before Anythang soundtrack release party although Weezy F. Baby isn’t anywhere on the record.